Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's Random

So, my friend often (actually it's been a while) posts on her blog with the title "That's Random." I thought this story fit into that category...
I was in Starbucks today and the girl in front of me seemed to have this white powdery stuff in one section of her hair. I say, if you're not going to wash your hair and you're going to use that spray shampoo stuff (which is totally acceptable if you can pull it off)...make sure you brush it all out and there isn't a big chunk of white powder on the side of your head when you have a low side ponytail going on.


One day, I picked up my 9 year old cousin to take her to my house. We were at a stoplight near a gas station...a gas station that I think is one of the few that still has an actual pay phone. She said to me "hey, isn't that one of those phones they have on the freeway?"