Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life Before Children?

It's hard to remember what life was like for Brad and I Before Children (BC). Our kids are only 3 and a half and 9 months, but we honestly find ourselves lost when they are not around sucking up all of our energy. Last night, Lexxa went and stayed with my parents. We had dinner with friends, and it was really nice to just relax and hang out with them without worrying about her. Logan was asleep by 8pm, so he's easy in that way and we didn't have to worry about him much either. This morning Logan went down for his first nap and it was so quiet in the house that Brad and I looked at each other and didn't even know what to do next. My first thought was to go back to sleep! Is that bad? I figured I might as well take advantage of getting some extra sleep since it doesn't happen often. Brad of course defaulted to watching crappy movies on Saturday TV--which he is still doing by the way, but the kids are both up and on the move. How is it that men can block out everything around them when they are watching TV? Ok, that's a whole separate post, so I'll stop! I guess I should give him a little credit since he is home with them every day, so he deserves a break.

Anyway, we do fine if we have date night and go out to dinner and a movie or something, but if we are at home in a quiet house, we're not quite sure what to make of it. I guess my point is that life BC seems like so long ago!


  1. I know, its not the same but life BB (before Buddy) seems like a long time ago too. When he is at the groomers for 3 hours, it's so quiet here and no one is following me around. Even though its nice to have a break, we are always excited when he comes home.

  2. I'm soooo freaking jealous that you got to sleep today! I'm so exhausted today that I am counting the minutes until I get into bed.

    Yeah, I here you about the BC thing. Can you hear my big sigh?

  3. Melissa-I knew you would appreciate the sleep thing. I should have been cleaning the house or doing something productive, but I just couldn't do it! Alyssa-Buddy spends 3 hours at the groomers? You are too funny. Melissa says that you need to hurry up and have a baby (sorry I called you out on that one Melissa)!

  4. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, those "BC" days may seem like a dim memory right now, but before you can even begin to believe it, you'll be "AC" (After Children) when they've left the nest for good and then you and Brad will be looking at each other and saying, "Wow!What the....? WHERE did the time GO???" Enjoy them while they're little,kiddo - it goes by WAY too fast :)