Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Words

Logan has been talking more and more lately and while he knows how to make the sounds “mama” and “dada,” he doesn’t really connect it with either of us yet (ok, maybe dada a little more). But I think his real first word was “up.” We sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and he tries to sing the “up above” part…so cute! So, now, he’s constantly saying the word up and I think he’s finally starting to figure out what it means. But, here’s the other one—UNCLE. Yep, you got it, UNCLE. David has been trying to teach him how to say it for a while and he comes out trying to say it once in a while and he’s gotten pretty good. But, yesterday, my brother walked in the door and Lexxa said “Uncle!” and Logan followed saying “UN-KLE” almost perfectly and knowing exactly what he was saying and who he was talking to. What the heck? How come he learns Uncle first? As much as I wish he was saying “Mama” first, it’s too cute to be that bothered by him saying “Uncle.”

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  1. I am going to start calling him everyday and teaching him Dorothy!