Friday, September 11, 2009

The "To-Do" List(s)

Written last night:

It's 9:50pm and I'm sitting here on my Blackberry making lists of things that need to get done or that I would like to get done. I have this memo pad on my phone and its full of little notes which include work stuff. Why is it that you think of so many things you have to do at work when you're at home? And why are you too busy to think about those same things while you're at work?

I find that I have a bunch of lists at work: a task list in Outlook, a group project list on my whiteboard, a list of things to do today in my notebook, a list of things to ask my boss about when I get around to it, a department project list saved on our shared drive, a list in my small notebook, a list of things that need to get done for a specific project...and the list of lists goes on! Maybe I should put it on my list to consolidate all of my seems so simple, but it's just not. And no matter how you look at it, the list will never end.

I should be thankful that I have a job and it keeps me busy!


  1. This sounds all too familiar, but you are way more organized than I am. My lists are on post it notes at work, that get stuck to my shoe or something else and I'll stumble upon it days later. Or I'll have "mental lists" - don't get me started on those! Sounds like you have things well under control my friend. :)

  2. how the hell do you keep track of all of your lists?

  3. I love making lists and have found with two kids, the list, sadly, doesn't always get checked off. Anyways, lately I've been making two lists in my notebook. On one side is more a immediate to do list, and the other is an on-going one that I work on when I have time. I have found this system makes me less frustrated! I also have an obsession with calendars. How about you??

  4. Rob - I have no idea how I keep track of all my lists. In fact, I'm sure sometimes I lose track and I just have to hope I didn't drop the ball on something!

    Melissa - I have an obsession with calendars too! What is that all about? I have at least 4 calendars at my desk at work. A couple of one month calendars and then a couple that show at least a couple of months at a time. And then of course, there's my Outlook calendar. I definitely know what you're talking about with prioritizing which things to do now and which things need to get done at some point (with the kids and home stuff).