Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Pillow Pet Fiasco

This year is the first year that Lexxa really knew what she wanted Santa to bring her...a lady bug pillow pet. I thought this would be such a simple gift to buy, until I realized that this was the most popular item right now. They have the little kiosks at the mall and were completely sold out of the lady bug pillow pet. So I decided to look online and they were sold out too!

So, our next plan was to look on ebay and there were quite a few, so we thought we would have to go that route. But, apparently, there is the authentic "My Pillow Pet" brand and then there is an imposter brand--I had no idea what the difference was and I was nervous to buy a fake!

So, my mom went out to Valley Fair last weekend and I asked her to look for them. They had one lady bug left and she got it! My mom saved the day!

I felt like one of those crazy parents this year searching all over for my kids gift!
P.S. Logan got a pillow pet too, but he just got the dog one, which wasn't as popular...he won't care :-)


  1. I still don't understand what the hell they are? Does it turn into a pillow?? Lucky girl that you scored one!!! Moms are the best!! :-)

  2. Yeah, it's pretty random...there is a piece of velcro underneath that makes it sit like an animal, and when you undo it, it's like a big fluffy pillow.