Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soccer Diaries Part II

So, I won't drag this on...I'll try to make it brief since there's not much to tell.

(See Soccer Diaries Part I if you need an update)

Week 4 - Lexxa didn't go to soccer. She was coughing a lot and we thought she might be coming down with something, so she didn't go. It was too bad because I thought we were making some progress.

Week 5 - She still didn't play. Ok, I shouldn't say she didn't play at all because she did actually go on the field (only with her Daddy). She basically just watched the other kids run around her, but at least she was on the field.

Week 6 - She didn't play at all, but she had a blast with her teammates at the BBQ afterwards. She even went up and accepted her medal from her coach...she wasn't shy about it at all! She must have known that it was finally over.

So, soccer season wasn't that successful, but I guess she got an idea of how a team sport works. We'll see what we do next with her. Logan might be playing sports before she's playing another one :-)

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  1. Has Lexxa shown interest in any other sports or will you just try soccer again? Even though she didn't play much, it looks like she did have some fun!