Thursday, December 2, 2010

Girls Weekend

My twin cousins, Tiana and Michelle are just 5 days older than me. This means that they just had 30th birthdays as well. So, we decided that we should celebrate together. We ended up deciding to go on a wine tasting trip to Paso Robles. It was a ton of fun and it felt so good to have a weekend away (thanks, Brad!). This was a fabulous way to celebrate my birthday and I'm so lucky to be so close with my cousins so that we can share such great times. How could you go wrong with a limo, lots of wine and good company! Oh and on Sunday, we headed down to San Luis Obispo and did some kids running around, no one saying "Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom," just taking our sweet time doing whatever sounded good next.

Don't get me wrong, I missed the kids and I was happy to come home and celebrate my actual birthday with them and the rest of my family the next day...but this trip is just what I needed to unwind a little. The only down side was that I started catching a little bit of a cold a day or two before the trip, so I was fighting that while we were there...not to worry though, it didn't ruin my fun!

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