Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Comfort Habits"

Many kids have what's called "comfort habits" according to For most kids, this would include taking things like blainkies and stuffed animals to bed--something to comfort the child and help them self-soothe. Logan, on the other hand, is different. Every night when it's time to get ready for bed, Logan wants to take some random thing with him. Sometimes it's a teddy bear, other times it's blocks, lincoln logs or bouncy balls and on occasion it's fake food--like chicken or hot dogs. It's pretty funny when he's saying "where's my chicken?" when we're getting ready for bed! Oh yes, and some of his other favorites include a microphone and his dinosaur flashlight that yells "raaaaaar!" every time you squeeze the tail. Tonight, it's the hands from his Mr. Potato head set (and Lexxa in the background acting silly):


  1. LOL @ "where's my chicken!" :)

  2. Luke is sleeping with a pirate telescope tonight. Nap time was gold coins. I think it's a boy thing. :-)