Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Poopy Diaries

This one is for you Maryanne...something to look forward to.

So, I've been dealing with a lot of sh** lately. I know he's already 3, but we're finally getting Logan potty trained. Things are going well so far, particularly with going pee, but the #2 is a different story. Here are some things that I've experienced so far (NOTE: some descriptions may be a little graphic):

1. Logan had been holding his poo for a few days because he's still nervous about going on the toilet. So, one night, he sat on his little potty seat (note that this is the one that you have to clean out each time they go to the bathroom because it's just a little plastic seat). He was sitting there for quite a while and I thought he was just kind of playing there. Then I realized that it smelled pretty bad in there. So, he went to get up and sure enough, there was a big, huge #2 in his little toilet. I've dealt with a lot of kid poop in my day, but this made me gag. I carefully dumped the stuff from the little potty seat into the regular toilet. Bad idea. It wouldn't flush. What do I do next? I had to figure out how to break it up--I grabbed one of those wooden skewers for bbq and started poking at it in the toilet. I had to turn my head away and I was gagging the whole time. I even blew up at Lexxa at one point because she was trying to be all up in the mix and see what I was doing. I felt bad after the fact. So, after making sure everything went down the toilet, I had to clean out the little potty seat still. Yuck.

2. On Father's Day we spent the day with my family and went to a San Jose Giants game. We came home and relaxed for a bit and then just decided to go and get pizza for dinner. So, we go to the pizza place and Logan is wearing his big boy underwear. They are playing and eating like normal and then he tells me he needs to go to the bathroom. We go into the bathroom and his underwear are completely loaded with poo. Gross! I noticed when I was getting ready to put him on the toilet and it got everywhere. The underwear went in the trash and we cleaned him up and headed home. At least I got to eat my pizza before all of this went down!

3. Logan has been doing so well with wearing underwear and going on the toilet. But, last night he decided to go #2 in his underwear again. This one wasn't as bad, but still no fun.

I'm really looking forward to him being completely potty trained so we don't have to worry about all of this...but in the meantime, I will just suck it up and deal with it!


  1. I'm hoping I'll be spared since I have to deal with Buddy's poo issues (we have to "help" him poo by getting the poo bag on our hand and applying pressure to his butt so it pops out). Yummy! Did Lexxa have similar poo experiences?

  2. Lexxa always said "can I have a pull up?" so, she made it obvious when she needed to go. Logan, on the other hand, is so stealth with his poo's that we don't know when he's going! LOL

  3. Lmao, that IS gross! Not looking forward to that kind of mom stuff.

  4. OMG! Can't they just skip the training part and go straight to trained? Thanks for the graphic's helpful to prepare for the future!