Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Memories Courtesy of Facebook

So, I won't use specific names on this post (at least I'll try not to). I recently connected with an old friend on Facebook and he is friends with a guy I went out with a couple of times (and my ex-boyfriend, but that's beside the point). I wouldn't have noticed that they were friends on Facebook until one of my girlfriends mentioned that she saw this guy's picture and that he was completely bulked up and owns a gym now. I couldn't believe she even mentioned his name because it brought back some crazy memories! Of course I had to log on to Facebook as soon as I got home to just see the picture of this guy. Yep, it sure was him (I never knew his last name by the way), and he looked hot!

It all just made me think back to a time before kids and before marriage, when I was completely care-free. I always went for what I wanted with no fear because it was fun! What's the worst that could happen? I would get rejected and move on. Those of you that knew me back then know that I had a lot of fun during that time...of course I felt much hotter and thinner then too! I only went out with this guy once or twice and nothing really came of it, but he was smokin hot (amongst other things, but this is a family blog!) and I couldn't help but think back to how crazy I was. I met Brad shortly after that and sure enough, the guy called! Doesn't that always happen? The guy calls you up after you find someone else.

I guess everything happens for a reason. But, it's fun to think back to those fun and crazy memories from the past! Maybe I should have a Flashback Friday just to talk about the crazy stuff I've done...or not, but maybe I'll make it a point to post some of my crazy stories once in a while.


  1. Well I'm glad that you can look at old flames' pictures and be happy. I personally get nauseated at my past, at least with that one jack-ass that was my boyfriend. It ended in a restraining order!

    Please share more crazy Jen stories. I only know you as Jen the Mom. :)

  2. I think I remember this guy though I never met him. Wasn't he a fire fighter or something?

  3. hussy! I love it...keep them coming!

  4. No, the EMT was a different guy...he he he! And by the way Melissa, it wasn't all peachy memories...I managed to find some major duds along the way too. They just never ended in a restraining order :-)