Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How I Met Your Father

Yesterday was the season premier of the show "How I Met Your Mother." It's a pretty funny sitcom about a guy narrating to his children his journey to meeting their mother. It made me think of when I first met Brad. And, today happens to be the day, 9 years ago, that Brad and I went on our first date. A blind date to be exact.

My friend worked with Brad and told me that she worked with this really nice guy and she thought we should go out. I'm not that shy about these kind of things and I trusted her judgement, so I said ok. So, we talked on the phone a couple of times and then decided to go out. We went to Red Lobster and to a movie--I know it sounds lame and not that spectacular, but at the time it seemed like a great idea. We had a good time and Brad was pretty shy, but that's where it all began. We spent a lot of time together after that and look where we ended up.

It's crazy to look back to 9 years ago and see how much our lives have changed. Honestly, after our first date, I never would have thought that I would have ended up married to the guy. But now I know that life just wouldn't be the same without him :-)

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  1. Cute! And I like the blog post idea - I might have to borrow this!